1] I love your work, How do I book?
We make booking ridiculously simple for our clients. Send us an email at cdeniseimagery@gmail.com, and we can give you more information on how to book now. I can't wait to hear from you!

[2] Where is your studio?
It's your home, your location, your choice! We shoot exclusively on-location and are happy to travel wherever your lovely wedding or family will take us! We LOVE to travel!

[3] What kind of equipment do you use?
We use professional Cannon equipment.

[4] Is it true you only book a certain # of portraits and weddings per year?
Yes ! I We only accept a set # of sessions and weddings per year to provide clients with the upmost service and experience. Please contact us for current availability.

[5] How long will my session last? 
Real Life session are 90 minutes, Real Love sessions are 120 minutes and Wedding coverage varies but on average a wedding is between 6 - 10 hours..

[6] Why is my session retainer/reservation fee non-refundable? 
Session retainers are non-refundable because once we have set a date on our calender for your session we cannot use it for another client.

[7] How much is the session retainer/ reservation fee?
It's $175 for all Real life & Real Love sessions with a signed contract ! All remaining balances are due two weeks prior to your session. Weddings vary based on your selected collection.

[8] Do you have minimum order requirements? 
NOPE! You only order what you absolutely love! 

[9] Do you carry insurance/ business license?
We most definately carry both... Were happy to provide full coverage information if requested.

If you do not see your question answered below, no problem! Just send us an email with your inquiry and I'll get back with you with an answer within 24 hours usually shorter during the week

frequently asked questions